Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Rides

I've decided to start doing longer rides on Sunday mornings, to keep in shape and prepare some randonneuring or touring next year. I like to ride long distances on the bike, but sometimes it can get lonely and boring. So these rides are sort of proof to myself that it could be fun and worthwhile, or just tiring and boring.
Anyway, today I was riding north on Sheridan road and all the sudden was passed by a large group of bikers. Naturally since I was riding alone, I decided to follow for awhile. Before too long, I realized it was the Turin (Evanston Bike Shop) Sunday morning training ride. Just after I figured out that it was the that ride, I found myself riding with a bunch of strangers in unfamiliar territory. They were averaging about 20 mph and above and to get dropped meant to be lost in the far north suburbs. Luckily, I was able to hang with them long enough to figure out a route home, and after some impatience and wrong turns I made it home with 57 miles under my belt. Not bad for something not planned out.

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